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No 160 - Catwalk
Perfection is reduction to the essential.

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Study of the ALPA 12 S/WA (Shift/Wideangle) with lens housing Schneider Super Angulon XL 5.6/58mm. All pictures taken with a Contax N1 and Carl Zeiss Makro Sonnar 2.8/100 on Fujifilm Reala and realised with 2 Profoto Compact 600 studio flash lights.
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ALPA 12 S/WA with Schneider Super Angulon XL 5.6/58mm, Mamiya RB67 motorised back 6x6 and leather strap.
The modular basis frame of the ALPA 12 with viewfinder, viewfinder mask for 6x6 and leather strap. The frame itself allows formats up to 9x9cm. Detail of the S/WA body with its smooth 25mm shift mechanism. The handgrips are carved out from fine wood and gives an incredible feeling to the camera.
The characteristic levers for the lens lock, the lock for the back adapter and the back itself. The handling is very easy and convenient. Full elevation of 25mm shift. The front rises with all the elements and the finder smoothly and precice.
The back of the 12 S/WA and mounted lens. The motorised Mamiya RB67 back is modified to 6x6 (original 6x8) and handles 120/220 film. Via the Mamiya adapter every conventional RB67 back fits. The view finder is brilliant and allows to check the spirit level and the distance setting. The mask of the view finder is exchangable and can be turned 90° for rectangular formats (the backs are not revolving but the photographer can change its orientation.
All the elements, spirit levels and controls are brought back to the essentials. No gadgets and no useless gimmicks distract the photographer from taking pictures. Schneiders' Super Angulon XL series is a large format lens that allows to shift the 6x6 format by the full 25mm. It's Copal 0 central shutter allows shutter times from B, T, 1 to 1/500sec and gets cocked manually. The release button is goldplated.

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