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ALPA at Photokina2006

Last Update: 20 Septl 2006

September 2006

ALPA introduces at Photokina 2006 a full basket of new products:

- ALPA 12 XY
- Schneider ALPA Apo-Switr 5.6/36 mm
- Rodenstock Apo-Sironar digital HR lenses

and much, much more...

Best regards,
André Oldani +++

Perfection is reduction to the essential.

The newly designed ALPA 12 is a modular medium format camera. It is the resurrection of the tradition and spirit of highly precise craftsmanship in photo technique.

Its all manual functions urge the photographer to act very consciously: evaluate the light, estimate the distance, envisage the picture, trip the shutter, wind the film and cock the shutter.

This site is dedicated to one of the most outstanding cameras. I started in June 2002 with an ALPA 12 SWA. This is the place to share my experiences and results. And it might become a place for all those using or loving the way to be different. +++

seeking for perfection


information around the camera and my experiences with the ALPA 12 system >>

pictures and results of my personal work with this camera >>

a place to share - news around the system, references, technicals and the alpaca mailinglist >>

various links to relevant resources on the net. let me know if you find an additional link adding value >>




+++ site launched july 2002 +++ ALPAvision by André Oldani, ola/switzerland +++ copyright 2002-2004 +++ +++ the manufacturers +++

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