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ALPA at Photokina2006

Last Update: 20 Septl 2006

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N E W: ALPA Linhof/Rodenstock Technikar 3.5/95 mm

Titel Remarks
ALPA 12 in GQ with Paul Smith handgrips, in GQ 07/2003
ALPA 12 in NZZaS article in "NZZ am Sonntag", 7 Sept. 2003 (German only)
ALPA APO-Helvetar special website with images
ALPA APO-Helvetar the newest and exclusive lens for the ALPA, Schneider ALPA APO-Helvetar 5.6/48mm
ALPA ST Picture in high resolution from the ALPA ST
ALPA Shift Ex/ ALPA SST Shift pictures and SST pictures (text German)
ALPA Technikar The Linhof/Rodenstock Technikar 3.5/95 mm on ALPA
ALPA photokina CD Official content of the photokina 2002 CD
Aerial Pictures Sample Pictures with Schneider SA 5.6/58XL
Ballon Flight Over the Swiss Alps
Paul Smith Subsite A ALPA micro site for Paul Smith, London
Press Picture Package 2002 ALPA 12 WA/SWA product pictures (ZIP 4MB)
Press Picture Package 2004 ALPA 12 WA/SWA product pictures (ZIP 1.3MB) plus ALPA logo in highres
Schneider Componon S Report about the Componon S 5.6/150 (PDF)
Schneider Digitar Schneider Digitar lenses on ALPA and with Leaf Valeo 22 digital back
*** ALPA Logo *** ALPA Logo in EPS

For private and press usage only. All pictures and content remain under copyright of André Oldani (copyright 2002-2003).

Perfection is reduction to the essential.

elements - a photo exhibition with all ALPA pictures

alpa - about the camera (pictures)

press - additional resources and pictures

no 160 - who is no 160? history and log

catwalk - no 160 seen through the lens of my Contax (pictures).

system 12 - the complete models as per photokina 2002 - the site of the manufacturers of the ALPA


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