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ALPA at Photokina2006

Last Update: 20 Septl 2006


Photography is painting with light: the lens is the brush we use painting onto the canvas, the film. The body is the housing that fits it all together.

The ALPA is a masterpiece in construction and precision. It is so simple and ingenious that one gets surprised by the flexibility on and on.

Some may shake their heads over the price and the hype. But without holding and using it, this remains an unsolved miracle to them.

Vision is my humble attempt to show some results achieved. Others may hopefully share their results with us at alpaca.


Perfection is reduction to the essential.

over the alps - testing the biogon pure (02-2003)

vision1 - hot air balloning (07-02)

expo.02//murten - impressions from the national Swiss exhibition (08-02)

meiringen - impressions from trip to the Bernese Oberland (10-03)

on the way... - street scenes (11-02)


graphy is painting
with light

Calibration: Can you see the bar below clearly defined with all steps fro white to black? If not, adjust the brightnest/contrast of your screen.

+++ site launched july 2002 +++ ALPAvision by André Oldani, ola/switzerland +++ copyright 2002-2004 +++ +++ the manufacturers +++

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